Saturday, April 18, 2009

Power of the Moon

I want to put on my astrologer's hat for a moment and talk about the Progressed Moon, and the effect it has as it moves through your birth chart.

In astrology, we each have a Sun sign, and also a Moon sign. The Progressed Moon is a measurement of the moon's movement after our date of birth - and of how often our Moon changes signs (and houses) in our chart (which is roughly every 2.5 years).

My Moon has just progressed into Virgo. Let me tell you I am feeling these effects already! I have totally revamped and reorganised this blog, and, after a long stint of doing temporary work assignments, it looks like I will once more have a full-time job (Virgo governs one's daily work and routine).

But more than that, it's the mannerisms and speech patterns that I have observed changing in myself lately. I notice I am more intolerant of other people's foibles, whereas previously I was more easy-going. I am cranky and irritable, where beforehand I was more light hearted. My partner has noticed these changes too, and it's a little unsettling for her ~ she feels almost like I am a different person!

All this goes to emphasise the power of the progressed Moon, and it makes me think of relationships that go through a rough patch after the first one to two years. We have all heard people say, "Oh, so-and-so has changed. I feel like I don't know him / her anymore. He's not the person I met / married"!

Maybe in some cases this is due to the effects Progressed Moon. Astrologically the Moon governs our emotions, our reaction to circumstance. When the Progressed Moon changes signs, it's possible that a whole new disposition comes into effect. Reactions change; emotional expression changes. Someone who was once a bit of a wall-flower may suddenly get an infusion of self-confidence. A person who was once finicky and overly-precious may chill out more, be more easy-going. A person who was quite social and outward-bound may suddenly become more inward, brooding, even obsessive.

All this can be the effect of the Progressed Moon, and it all depends on the sign the Moon is leaving and the one she is passing into.

Studying astrology can yield many such useful insights into the mysterious thing that is human nature. For the interested, I recommend checking out Astrodienst, where you can create a free, personal online profile and get a free birth chart interpretation. All you need to know is your date, exact time and place of birth. Happy star-trails!


  1. I wish I new more about astrology. Your blog is very interesting and I plan on reading more of it when I'm not busy. About The New Earth....I believe that is the best book of all time. It seems to me that each time I pick it up and read a few paragraphs it feels like I'm reading it for the first time. I learn something new each time. I'm reading the Power of Now at this time and I tried to read it a few years back when it first came out but at that time I could not read it. It meant nothing. I guess I was not ready for it. I am now. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks, Barbara! I appreciate your compliment.

    I completely agree, you can pick up Tolle's books and its like a fresh blast of cool air everytime.

    Enjoy perusing my blog, and good luck with your vege garden. As an inner city dweller I dream of hving one of those one day! (My partner is Italian, and her father has an amazing vegetable garden.)

  3. Greetings, Ant -

    I took your suggestion and the forum is up!

    Many thanks for the idea.

    Hope to see you there soon - If you wish I can link your blog to a page.

    All the best

  4. Nick that's excellent! I can't wait to get posting.

    And yes I'd appreciate you including a link to my blog by all means.

    Kind regards

  5. You're lunar chart is very helpful Ant - it's right too - I've had an Aries day through and through I'm pleased to say!

    And Austraila - you're a lucky man. I'm hoping to live there myself on day.


  6. If I may ask - what is your sign?

    I'm guessing Virgo, or prehaps a Leo?


  7. If you mean my moon sign, I'm a Taurus Moon.

    Its in the 5th house so maybe thats why you got Leo!

  8. Ah the psycic antenna neesds a little more fine tunning!

    Many thanks for your add to the forum of late.


  9. Excellent blog - think I will be following very closely!!! I found you because you recently started following my blog!

    I've always had an interest in astrology - and have always been told I have a very unusual natal chart. I'll admit, my life has never been boring or ordinary!

    Looking forward to future posts and hope to find some time to read some past ones too!

  10. Thanks MW! I appreciate you stopping by.