Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy holidays

Hello dear readers

It has been quite a year, hasn't it. So many intense energies flying around, upheavals and changes in people's lives seem to have abounded this year, scandals being exposed in the wider world.

And mostly, human being questioning the status quo, and wondering exactly where our leaders are leading us, what with the Arab Spring, chem trails, and many more issues.

When I feel like things are just getting too much, I say a prayer to release the burden form myself. I am only one person, and constant worries are not good for one's health and the well being of your soul. So I say a little prayer to the heavenly being of my choice (in my case, this is Jesus, called Christ) and I find that it does help.

So hopefully you out there are not letting these bigger things - or even, the 'smaller' things - get too much on top of you at this time of year. After all, this sacred time has been set aside since ancient times for joy and celebration, for letting one's hair down and allowing the efforts of the past year to speak for themselves, and to bear fruit in their own time.

My intention for this time is to take it easy on myself; to relax my expectations of myself after a year of hard work (at my job, as a parent of a 2 year old, and as a tarot reader and blog writer). Let's all give ourselves the gift of valuing ourselves and our efforts these past twelve months, because let's face it - we all came to this earth to work hard, to share our gifts and ourselves to try to better the world and make it more like the divine template that exists for it in the spiritual world. It is a labour of love that each one of us is engaged in, whether we are fully conscious of it or not.

So well done, you. Thank you for all your efforts, your sweat, your tears, your love for each other and the planet. Rest assured - these efforts will bear fruit in good time.

Take it easy! And remember - spirit is always near, working right alongside.

Have a truly blessed holiday period (and hopefully you get to experience a holiday!)


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tarot pairs

Something I love to do is to find patterns in the tarot cards. In particular, the Major Arcana are rich in patterns - you can divide them into three rows of 7 with The Fool separate; you can divide them into four rows of 5 with The Fool and The World separate. Or, you can divide them neatly into 2 rows and compare the pairs.

Recently I wanted to see what pairs would result if I "mirrored" the Majors - that is, if I laid out one row of trumps from The Fool to the half way point, The Wheel, and then made the next row turn back on itself, so that the Fool is paired with The World. This is the same technique as the Atbash cipher, once beloved of cabalists in the Renaissance and later periods.

What I found was the pairings that result are very rich in meaning and symbolism - especially using the Rider-Waite-Smith cards of the Universal Waite Tarot, which were designed to reflect each other and be interlinked in their symbolism.

I want to do a series of blog posts about these wonderful pairings, starting with The Wheel of Fortune/Justice. More on that very soon, so do check back for an exploration of the wonderful world of tarot symbolism!

Blessed be

Saturday, November 3, 2012

On Etsy - and Facebook!

Hello everyone, and thank you for pushing this page to 4,500 views! So accordingly, this is my 50th post.

Please visit me on Etsy at my Etsy store. I provide spiritual readings using the tarot, and I tune into your spirit guidance to provide you insightful life messages.

Also I am now on Facebook! Hope to hear from you soon.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Signs of the Times

Have you ever taken time to reflect on how society and attitudes have changed in the last 30 years? Now that I am approaching 40, I can begin to look back with a certain perspective on many changes evident particularly in my own country, but I feel sure that similar changes have taken place in the US and the UK.

Attitudes have undergone a complete revolution since the early 1980s. One area in particular is in the realm of the nuclear threat. This has not of course completely gone away, but I remember growing up feeling like it could happen at any time. Russia, which was then much larger and known as the U.S.S.R., was seen as the great enemy of the West. And they, of course, saw us as the great enemy! For a period of over 50 years, from 1947 to 1989, the tension between these two great power blocs was at a dangerously heightened level. Students in American schools in the 50s and 60s were actually trained what to do in the event of a nuclear strike – basically to crouch under their desks and brace for impact (and a fat lot of good that would have done). Hence the 1985 song “Russians”, by Sting, in which he directly confronts the issue, questioning the insanity of the powers, with their fingers poised over their respective buttons, and asking – don’t the Russians love their children too?

Strange as it may seem to today’s Gen Y, this truly was the situation in the early 80s. I can remember asking myself the same question – if the Russians are people like us (and the media strove to convince us that indeed they were not!), wouldn’t they want a peaceful solution for the sake of their children?

This all culminated in the “false-alarm” incident of 1983, which was itself part of a larger pattern of events that convinced Russia that America was preparing for an actual strike. If it were not for one man working within the Russian nuclear installation who correctly surmised that their missile detection instruments were malfunctioning, the unthinkable may have actually occurred at that time. Of course now, we are much closer to Russia, with tourism a growing industry whereas once it would have been unthinkable to travel to the Soviet bloc country. Certain tensions, unfortunately, still exist, especially over the Middle East.

This is one example of how things have changed over the years. Another example, in Australia at least, is so-called multiculturalism. The divisions between Anglo-Australian culture and the various other immigrant cultures are much less evident these days, particularly in metropolitan areas. It used to be that the main sources of non-Anglo immigration to Australia were from Greece and Italy. Despite the historical kinship that exists between those nations, most “Aussies” were pretty hard on these immigrants. This despite the fact that most of the people were beautiful, peaceful and law-abiding citizens! But Aussies had come up doing the hard yards of establishing a nation out of the raw rock and desert soil of this nation, and as a result of this experience they had perhaps become hardened. Also, as a new nation forging a new path away from the mother continent of Europe, most “Aussies” were probably sceptical of anything European. Still, the treatment of those waves of immigrants was thoroughly undeserved. Today, we see immigrants from all over the world – from places as far afield as Croatia, the Sudan, Lebanon, Iran, etc. This has become normal. And miraculously, all these cultures are somehow (for the most part) living side by side in relative peace (knock on wood!).

Naturally there is of course a regrettable element of conservative, intolerant “Aussies” – but I for one never really hear much about them, and they certainly don’t get much (if any) press.

Yet another area of change is in the status of women. Now this is a curious area of social study – after the feminist wave of the 70s and 80s, many women would say things have not improved but in fact have perhaps backslid. (Is that a word?) Certainly there are a much higher proportion of women in positions of management, especially in the public service where I work. Women no longer have to prove they belong in the workforce as they once did. Yet there are still men who feel the need to over-control their women – and regrettably, I have discovered that this tendency still obtains within me.

This has been a rather rambling blog so I hope you will bear with me, but lately I have heard stories of women who have left their partners because they insist on trying to control. I myself had a meltdown recently when I felt my partner was becoming too independent (gasp!) and some inner, wounded part of me – inaccessible to my powers of reason! – was convinced I was being left. It wasn’t as if she was even doing anything that threatening – it was more that I could just sense a pattern emerging and this was reinforced by things she had been saying lately.

Now in my right mind this would not have been a problem. But I had let myself and my self-care slide in recent times, and as a result the inner wounded-self was festering. The abandonment complex I had carried since before conscious memory was really acting up – and acting out. Fortunately we have been able to smooth things over together but I am still disturbed by what happened.

Without trying to sound too righteous about it, I really feel that the whole world’s problems stem from men trying to control. I am sure many women reading this would agree. All the things I have mentioned – the nuclear threat, intolerance of other peoples – are not perpetrated by women, but by angry men. As the Goddess returns, balance is restored among the sexes and women rise to new levels of empowerment and independence, men are possibly feeling a little hurt and confused. We aren’t sure what our place is anymore – having been in control for so long, having been the ruling paradigm for several thousand years, and having soothed our savage beasts by keeping women at our beck and call, we are possibly entering this new age feeling a little shaken and shaky.

For myself, the answer is to take time out for me. Many men have possibly already cottoned on to this solution! But for me certainly, taking time out for myself at the end of each day, to pause, to reflect, and just to let my inner voice be heard, is one small step to allowing myself to self-nurture. Burning out my brain with distraction after distraction is not the way to go. And after all, I do have a contemplative and spiritual side, I am interested in positive change for the world. I guess it’s a matter of acting in accord with what I want to see in the world!

Or as the Mahatma once said, Be the change you want to see in the world. But to the blokes out there – take heart, gentlemen. We all want a safer, more peaceful world to live in, and that is what is trying to come to birth. The old ways are no longer working for us, guys. Time to relax and let the changes in!

Be well

Friday, September 7, 2012

Re-energising and refocusing

Ok, well as many of you may realise, there are a lot of cosmic energies flying around at the moment. It feels like the lessons of life are coming at us faster than ever before, and we are grasping those lessons quicker than ever before. Not only that, but we are (at least on some level) changing fast too.

The galactic energies that are focusing on our solar system truly are quickening our growth and evolution. Things that might simply have gone unnoticed or unchallenged in previous decades (such as advocates of post-natal child murder in the British Medical Journal, or US sabre-rattling towards Syria and Iran) are being strongly opposed and called out. I will be forever grateful to the US Congressional member from New Jersey, Chris Smith, for having the clarity of mind and a true human heart for speaking out against one particular instance of scientific insanity. You go, Chris.

And meanwhile, I really feel the tide is turning. Events have really brought home to me that there are only two forces in the manifested universe - the life-force and the death-force. Sometimes these are called Eros and Thanatos - two opposing forces that define the cosmos.

Let's face it - one cannot exist except in relation to the other. When Life was born, Death was also. Without Death, Life loses its meaning. However those of us who feel we are emissaries of Life need to realise that the Death forces are trying their hardest to assert themselves in our society at this time. Hence the two examples I cited above.

So let's keep our eyes open - while nonetheless keeping focused on what is good and worth living for. The death-forces only prevail if we give in to them, and if we forget what is wholesome and good. Keep focused on the Light in your life - we will succeed.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What has happened to freedom

I don't like to post about anything to do with politics. Its a dirty, dirty business, and everyone has their opinion, each having some validity and each being arguable. That's part of the reason why I don't belong to any group, association or organisation (apart from making a monthly donation to Greenpeace - that street hawker in Hyde Park was very convincing!).

My American readers in particular will no doubt have their own sensitivities to what I am about to post. But here goes anyway.

I find the situation with Julian Assange to be a very, very upsetting reflection of the place that Western society finds itself in 2012. As regards the charges of misconduct in Sweden - is he guilty or not? I have no doubt that he was at the very least having some naughty-boy "fun" on that occasion, and as a result he has undoubtedly left himself open to accusation. As to whether there was indeed misconduct, I cannot claim to know. But what I do know, is that I have never seen so much concerted government, police and international effort to arrest a man wanted for similar charges.

I wonder - if Assange was not a self-declared whistle-blower, would the authorities be pursuing him with the same remorseless attitude? Somehow, I really don't think so.

Can I just say for the record that I do not regard the man with the hero-worship that some accord him. Because of his rather sad childhood, the man may indeed be prone to weaknesses of the flesh. I am not pronouncing judgement on him one way or the other. In fact for me, the question of his guilt or innocence has now paled into insignificance. The far more pressing issue is that the world I once cherished as a place of freedom of expression seems dangerously close to becoming a police state.

We should all consider the current events as a warning. The actions of the UK authorities to me smacks of fear - fear of reprisal from the US. And if that's the case, since when has the relationship between the UK (and by extension the rest of the English speaking world) and the US become one of fear? Are we so afraid of America, have they really become the international bully-boy?

If that is the case then all people of right mind need to speak up NOW. In fact I am shocked that in the face of the TAA scandal, MORE Americans have not spoken up. A disturbing  meek complacency seems to have crept over the American people. As Assange said in his address this weekend, that revolutionary spirit that sparked the birth of America seems to have faded to be replaced by rigid dogmatism and totalitarianism - the very things that the Founding Fathers wanted to avoid.

They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, so perhaps it was inevitable that this occur to what was the most powerful nation on Earth. Therefore it won't be long before another nation is handed that mantle. If the European and European-descended nations forsake their own founding values, then perhaps the rise of China will be complete. It's ironic really - at a time when China is opening up to the free market, with all the decadence and the benefits that come with it, we in the West seem to be going the opposite way. (I wonder what those American-as-apple-pie  Republicans make of this?)

What I'm trying to say is that I feel disgusted and ashamed of my own culture. It only takes a quick skim of the kind of material that Wikileaks was leaking to see how corrupt the American armed forces have become. The 2007 air attacks on Baghdad make it clear that for many in the armed forces, fighting a war has lost all honour and has become little more than a glorified computer game - with human beings (aggressors and civilians alike) little more than icons on a screen to be gunned down without remorse or discrimination. Its so very sad - 70 years ago Americans fought with honour and with pride to free the world of tyranny. Now it seems, America is on the verge of becoming that tyranny.

And my own government is little better. I have never felt the need to disown my own government - now however, I do. I am so ashamed of what we are becoming, and it now falls to the people - everyone, you and me - to start demanding better. We must start with ourselves, and work our way out to the world.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Children in spirit - pre-birth

As many long time readers would be aware, I have a little boy Jack who is 2 1/4 years old. I have to say though that Susan and I were aware of him for many years prior to that.

Our relationship has been through several distinct phases, and during the time that we spent in the city of Newcastle (in regional New South Wales) we met a psychic woman called Ardis. We know that we have spent time with this woman in a Native American setting, as we connected with her straight away and during that time I was experiencing surfacing memories of my past life (lives) there. Ardis was the first time we realised we had a child around us.

She told us there was a little boy around us in spirit (this was back in 2001 or thereabouts - Jack was born 2010). At the time I thought it might be a soul from one of my mother's miscarriages that had chosen to be around me, but we both now realise and agree that it was Jack. Did he also have a brief sojourn with my own mother? I'm not clear on that point, but what I do know is that Jack is one amazing soul!

Before Jack was born Susan and I would do tarot readings to see what messages the incoming soul had for us. Jack kept coming up very strongly as the Magician.
The message I got was that here was a very intelligent, very creative being who was coming through with a mission! I also perceived that he had not had many lives on this Earth - maybe only 1 or 2 at the most. Nevertheless I got that he was a very experienced soul in other star civilisations, all across the galaxy in fact, but that his resume was incomplete because he needed greater depth of experience with us on Earth!

And as many of us know only too well, Planet Earth is the place of the greatest learning, the toughest lessons, but also potentially the greatest joy, celebration at being alive and unique and individual. Only on Earth do we achieve such a level of definition, precision and skill. And this Magician card clearly told me that this was the reason he was coming here.

Jack's astrology chart shows that he also has a very sensitive side - understandable for a soul that has spent millions of years in much more refined environments than the Earth! But he has a toughness too that enables him to "hit the ground runnning" so to speak. Jack's mission is so important to him that despite his lack of experience here he already seems very highly adapted and "in tune" with the way things are here - no mean feat considering how difficult it can be for us sensitives to adapt to Earth life. So well done Jackie!

Do any of you have stories to share like this? I would love to hear them in the comments! Blessings and be well


Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank you!

Hello everyone

Not a lot to say at the moment, although a lot is definitely happening under the surface! But the reason for this post, is that I have noticed my blog views are going up and up lately and I just wanted to send a thank you to all my readers.

I really enjoy writing this blog, and I'm excited to know that you are reading it! So thank you, and I hope you keep enjoying what I post.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Journey thru life's rinse cycle...!

Hasn't life been a doozy lately...! I can see from other people's blogs that many of us are feeling it to some degree, but speaking just for myself I definitely feel like I've been through a very strong dynamic lately and I am now possibly emerging out the other side.

These last couple of months have been so intense! I've had a real peak of questioning of self, of painful self-examination. I've had physical symptoms, relating to stomach pains and difficulties ahem in the bathroom.I've had some intense dreams at night. And then this past weekend I feel I reached a culmination of everything so far this year.

I was laying out on the balcony enjoying a warm winter day, when I had a realisation. (I seem to get a lot of these on the balcony!!) All the pain and intensity and erratic behaviour I'd been experiencing had been the death throes of a part of myself - a part of myself that is poisonous, that is negative, that in fact thrives on negativity and tries to get me to do more negative stuff so it can feed itself more. The author Eckhart Tolle calls this inner entity, the "pain body".

It seems that we all have a "pain body", whether we know it or not, and its that part of our psyche that is primitive, primal and unrefined. I guess it could be classed as the "survival" part of us, the part that wants to preserve itself no matter what the cost. Or it could simply be like the Star Trek Next Generation episode "Skin of Evil", in which a gooey, tar-like substance which is a residue of all the evil in a society threatens the Enterprise crew.

What I'm trying to say is that I could feel this thing within me really subside, and if not die off completely then certainly lose a lot of its power. Lately I have been pursuing a life long aim of improving myself, purifying my mind, my body, and my behaviours. Its not that I follow any particular or rigorous course of action - its simply something I have grown my awareness of over many years and its something I guess I've always aimed out deep down. But lately especially I have been letting go of a lot of negative patterns - addictions, negative thoughts and the like - and I guess depriving my "pain body" of the energy it needs to stay active.

And so it seems that lately my pain body was reacting to my efforts with greater intensity - like a final blast of negativity (erratic behaviours, outbursts, selfishness etc) as a desperate attempt to keep the negative cycles going. But as I lay there on the balcony I felt these energies finally subside, like a dimmer switch was turned right down. Phew! About time too.

I am really encouraged in my self-work to see that I am getting these results. No question about it, personal improvement is not a path for the faint-hearted. I feel like I've been challenged on every front by this process - physically, mentally, emotionally. Your whole being gets challenged when you decide you want to grow, to improve, and it takes guts and perseverance to get through it. But if you keep your faith through it all, and stay willing to be corrected (and God knows I have been pretty intensely stubborn at times, serving the pain body without realising it!) and stay willing to return to a loving perspective, you can make it.

I guess its a detox program for the soul!! I want to wish everyone else who may be on a similar path all the good fortune in the world. Remember to watch and listen for guidance that wants to come through, and as always

Blessed be!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go easy on yourself

Well, what a time! I have seen other spiritual bloggers post about struggling with their issues in recent weeks, and it seems the energies around this powerful Gemini New Moon that is currently active are really hitting home. I am definitely no exception!

The major theme coming out of this time seems to be the shadow - the part of ourselves that we really don't like to see, or even admit to. And yet in its hidden abode beneath the surface of our everyday persona, it wields a power unknown to us.

When this shadow erupts into our daily life, say in the form of anger, or over-indulgence, or in erratic or destructive behaviour, we might first wonder what the heck is going on. But if there is a part of us that we have forgotten was there, it has learned to make its own rules in its dark realm. Only by allowing it into the light of day can we acknowledge and recognise what we formerly denied.

In this way we can begin to achieve wholeness - we can learn to love the shadow. It is an aspect of ourselves, and all that forgotten energy, tied up in past hurts and regrets, can finally be released for our benefit in the here and now. We can at last give our shadow a positive purpose! We can use the energy unlocked to live our lives more fully, more joyfully, more intensely.

We can finally be more honest with ourselves, and feel the freedom that comes with that. I give thanks to the two (count 'em!) Gemini new moons we have experienced within the last 4 weeks, for they have given me such valuable - and hard-earned! - insight into what I needed to do to own my shadow.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little zen moment...

Have you read those stories about Zen students who suddenly have insight into the true nature of things? Well, I can't say I've had one of those earthshaking moments just yet, but I do want to share a nice little moment I had last night after a spell of rain.

I was on the balcony, just looking out and not thinking much of anything, and I caught sight of the droplets of rain hanging from the railing. The sky was gray and featureless, but at that moment, the droplets seemed to reflect a luminosity of the sky around them! I suddenly realised that a single raindrop has the ability to reflect ALL the light from all the surroundings into itself.

In other words, a single raindrop can reflect the whole world.

the world in a single drop
I felt a voice say to me, in the same way, a single person can reflect the entire world within themselves - and every person deserves love and respect accordingly.

And when you think about it - each of us are 80% water...!

And there's that word As I mentioned in a previous post, it continues to be emphasised to me that this year, 2012, is a year to keep learning about love.

I don't often have these moments but this was really moving for me, very profound. I feel it was just the seed of deeper insights, which I hope to gain down the track.

Love and light

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Etsy store!

Yet another post for the month of May!

I have a store on Etsy where I am offering readings. I do tune in to Spirit and obtain guidance for you, usually from a loved on who has passed over and is waiting to help you.

Visit me at!

Blessed be!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Galactic consciousness

There are a lot of people out there who claim to be channels of various types of galactic beings, such as Dolores Cannon and many others. Now I am not claiming that ability, at least not that this time! But a number of blog posts and websites lately have stimulated me into thinking about what it is that I feel to be true about galactic consciousness.

A common error that I notice people make when thinking about what life might be “out there” is they think that life will take a similar, material form to ours – that they will be creatures of flesh and blood like us. Thank you, Hollywood! Well, for me, nothing could be further from the truth.

This vibration that we currently reside in, what we call our ordinary earth-life existence, is the “lowest” realm of our entire galaxy! It is the densest form of incarnation you can find, anywhere in the multi-layered dimensions of the Milky Way. If the Earth (at least in the vibration that most of us are currently living within) was a piece of real estate in the Galactic Neighbourhood, it would be known as the crummiest and most dangerous part of the city! You wouldn’t want to go there at night, because it’s often a little scary and not terribly welcoming!! However I want to stress that this used to be more true at certain times of history than it is now – during the medieval times was probably when the Earth level was at its most brutal. I do feel things are improving considerably now as the hearts and minds of people improve, and as we get closer to the ecstatic galactic alignment of December 2012. But still, there’s no denying that Earth is something of a “backwater” – we sit right out on the far point of one of the spiral arms of the Galaxy, very far from the bright centre, the “hub” where all the brightest souls reside and where all the real “action” is!

And this gets to the point of my post: to me, “soul”, “spirit” and “consciousness” are much better terms for the life “out there” than “alien”. Sure, there may be some spirit entities who may take on an “alien” form, or resemble what we know as gray aliens. This may be because they are from a certain star system, where the inhabitants have assumed that form as part of their long process of development.

I think that it’s an attitude of fearfulness that leads people to believe in the possibility of aliens landing, or some such. To me, angels, aliens, gods and goddesses, are all part of the marvellous diversity of Life that exists on what we often refer to as the “other side”.

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting” – those are the words of my favourite idealist poet, William Wordsworth. This life, that is the process of getting incarnated into this realm, is a very difficult one indeed, and the birth process most often leaves a kind of trauma on the incoming soul that often leads to amnesia or forgetting of the previous, blissful realm of existence – what the Hindu tradition refers to as devachan. We forget that we have an infinite, blissful inheritance just waiting for us on our return to our true “home”, and that this stay on earth is but a temporary one where we practice at being loving, and at being creative. We also forget that we have a “support team” of beautiful souls right along side (sometimes more in the background) at all times, who look on us with eyes of love and who are supporting us at every turn. Then when we do make the return journey home, our support team are right there ready to welcome us and ease the transition back, which is also often confusing and scary. But we do have help!

So in summary I think we have nothing to fear from any consciousness “out there”. The dominant part of the universe is love – the love which brought the universe of manifestation into being in the first place. We are here to practice being love; not to be constantly looking for it outside ourselves, but to feel it within, to love ourselves and the divine spark that God has given us as an inheritance. It is only on earth where love gets (temporarily) forgotten as part of the earth-amnesia. But love IS the only reality!

Blessed be!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hidden Planet

Open up any book on the solar system written after 2006 and you will see that the list of planets now stops at Neptune. Since 2006, Pluto, a planet astrologers constantly work with still, has completely disappeared from the list of planets. Why? Because in 2006, the International Astronomical Union finally decided on the actual definition of the word "planet" - and since Pluto did not fit the criteria, it was decided that Pluto no longer ranked as a planet of our solar system. Pluto is now known as a "dwarf planet".

From my point of view as an astrology enthusiast, this is interesting. No longer are the transformative & empowering energies of Pluto exposed to the public eye. The veil of Neptune has been drawn like a curtain across the power of Pluto, effectively removing from the public consciousness the principles that Pluto represents - including the ability to delve beneath the surface of things to find the hidden truths.

I personally find this somewhat disturbing. Is this the work of individuals who wish to deprive humanity at this crucial time of our ability to empower ourselves? Or is it in fact a challenge for us to work more consciously with our inner Pluto-power? Are we being given a choice: to empower ourselves or not to empower ourselves?

Perhaps the demotion of Pluto throws into sharp relief for us what it means to be Pluto-powered, and throws down the gauntlet that we need to take up once and for all. Perhaps its saying that its now or never - this is the crucial time when we need to claim back our power. And that power is the ability to reshape our lives in ways that empower, that better reflect our inner authentic self.

Pluto represents our ability to tear down and dismantle old structures that are in decay and no longer serve our growth, so that we can rebuild from a more true foundation. Perhaps we all need to ask ourselves, is anything no longer working in my life that could do with a blast of Pluto power!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The ebb and flow of this year so far...

Here we are, almost half way through 2012. The year that's supposed to be "the big one", in terms of making that final decision that will take each of us into the New Age - the decision as to what road we want to take in life and in afterlife.

I must admit I had actually forgotten about this in the midst of the nitty-gritty of living daily life - some old unhealthy habits even rearing their ugly heads, but some progress being made still. It's as if I'm riding one wave that's pulling me one way...then there's this undertow that's gently but consistently pulling me another way.

The planet Neptune has finally entered into the tropical zodiac sign of Pisces, and water is the keyword. Ebb and flow, moving in rhythm, being led by impressions, filling one's spiritual and emotional needs...all these are important this year and for the next 13 years or so.

Reflecting on how things "feel" now, as opposed to  last year and before, things do feel a lot more upbeat and positive now. The new energies of 2012 have had time to kind of settle in to a more stable configuration, there's not as much of that feeling of jagged harshness of last year when the energies were working at cross-purposes. Replacing that is this feeling I was just describing, of ebb and flow, some confusion, some illusion, but overall there's a good feeling under the surface...

In fact I've been having what I call little ecstasy moments. In tune with Neptune in Pisces, the feeling will start in my feet, completely out of the blue and unexpected, and I suddenly feel amazing, right in the midst of my ordinary experience. Not perhaps in 100% of my being, but in a big enough proportion of myself to feel like whoa, what was that amazing feeling! It will usually be just a brief burst but it certainly leaves a strong impression on my afterwards.

A little moment of bliss, as a result of the new incoming energies of the 2012 galactic alignment, perhaps? (And which has the "powers that be" so worried!)

And so our journey through this important year continues. I wonder what December will have in store for us...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Love and 2012

I was inspired to post after quite a while after reading Celtic Spirit's latest post; she hasn't posted for a while also.

This is 2012. My lady partner and I have been discussing how much we have been through since we first met in 1998. There have been a lot of tears, a lot of sorrow and suffering, but so many laughs, so many fun times, nice moods of different phases, difficulties, and trials.

Now finally - finally - we are feeling the slow, steady approach of hope. In this year of reaping of efforts, we finally feel that after much painful self-examination, we can start to truly hope again after so much struggle.

To me that's what sums up 2012 - it is the time of harvest. I hear of so many people  - and myself included - who have been living lifestyles that do not support health, growth and well-being. LIfe and our very bodies have been issuing us a final ultimatum: dispense with the habits of destruction, or be destroyed. What you sow, you reap. Alcohol, drugs, self-indulgence, bad foods, too much tech, electromagentic poisoning...all these things have had "time" called on them.

Time itself, as we have known it, is ending. The old time is ending. We sense that, my lady and I...we sense that the old "flavour" of the old world, the one that involved all that struggle, pain, feeling unworthy, unloved, that the world was not an understanding place...all of that is due to cease. We sense that we will finally find our place in the world.

Love....another blog I follow called The Cosmic Path stated earlier this year that the keynote of 2012 is nothing other than LOVE. And that's what I feel coming in to my consciousness - love, love, love, love...I am a new father and love certainly is making itself felt through my beautiful son. And, I might add, another little female soul that wants to come through who is also making her presence most definitively felt in our psychic lives!!

It's all about love, people. If I could have any wish granted right now, it's that all those who are reading this, those who are still burdened by a hardness in their hearts that is lingering due to past hurts, who still feel unworthy of love (such a lie!!!), can now release the tears, the angst, the sorrow, and allow the love to flow back into their innermost being. I pray this takes place for you, right now.

Let it all go! Let the grudges, the fears, the anxieties...let them go. Remember the truth, the one truth that pervades all the universe...that love is real, and it is all there is.

Why are you here on this earth? Love. Why do you keep going, long after it has ceased to make any rational sense? Love. Why does the sun shine? Love. Why am I writing this blog and why are you reading it?

Love! We are spirits that come here for love's sake, for God's sake, that we all might grow close to Him in wisdom and in love. Some esoteric traditions state the the nature of our Solar Deity is  Love-Wisdom, and that we as his children partake in this need for both Love and of Wisdom.

So let your Wisdom fuel your inner knowing, that Love is all you need! Let your Wisdom be informed by Love, and your Love informed by Wisdom. Let's walk into heaven this year, and find a new world where we are truly purged of the old, and where we all can bask in the new.