Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost ... and Found!

My partner and I are working in the same part of the city at the moment, and as it was raining I suggested we get a taxi to work. As we only live 10 minutes away this is not too expensive.

As we arrived I got my out wallet to pay with a card, but Susan managed to put together the exact fare in change, so we used that. I thanked the driver and we got out. I went to work thinking no more of it.

It wasn't until 11am that I realised there was nothing in my back pocket. My wallet was gone! I realised I must have dropped it in the cab and somehow just not realised. D'oh!

Naturally I called the cab company to report it, and also the banks where I have my cards and stopped them...usually I would be in more of a panic state, but with all my occult studies I knew to just chill and be cool. I knew there was no point getting in a big state, because after all the situation was what it was. The good thing was there was no cash in the wallet. The downside is the taxi company said it could be two or three days before I heard back from them.

As I was leaving work (I got to leave early today) I felt a prompting to say a prayer to the Goddess, whom I recognise as Isis. I've been studying the Egyptian myths lately, and as a former tarot reader I've long felt a connection with Isis. I offered the prayer, giving thanks to the Most High God (as I always am sure to do first up)  and then to Isis, as the patient & faithful protectress of us here on earth. I asked if what was lost could be returned to me, but of course to let God's will be done. (Little did I know that at the same time, my partner was saying a prayer to St Anthony, patron saint of returning lost items - and my namesake!).

Imagine my "shock and awe" when I got home, checked the mail and found - my wallet! Sitting comfortably right there in my letter box. Wow!! I could hardly believe it. I walked inside holding the recovered wallet in a semi-daze. It was going to be a pain in the behind to replace the cards, the ID, etc etc - but now here it was.

Obviously then taxi driver must have got my address from my ID. I presumed two earth-plane possibilities: that the kind cab driver waited till he got a fare back to my suburb and dropped it off on his way through; or that he very kindly drove all the way back here and dropped it off. Either way, my prayer was answered in pretty short order!

So folks - got any problems that need dealing with? Well send off those prayers to the divine beings you feel most comfortable with and get them into action  for you! That's all the heavenly ones are waiting for - for a human being to ask for their help. No questions asked!

With thanks to the nice cab driver - and the heavenly hierarchies.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Chiron - the Alchemist of the New Age

I've not posted for a couple of weeks as I was waiting for something good to say. Then today I feel like I had a fascinating realisation about Chiron, that little understood member of our solar system.

In Greek mythology Chiron is a centaur, in fact the most educated and civilised member of that race. He is a healer, a herbalist and a wise mentor to men. He is famous for having been accidentally shot by Heracles' (Hercules) poison arrows, and for suffering constantly because as an immortal god he could not die. With Zeus' intercession Chiron gave up his immortality to Prometheus, who was chained to a rock. So Chiron was allowed to die rather than suffer for eternity, and Zeus placed him in the sky as the constellation Sagittarius (some sources say Centaurus).

Chiron the asteroid was discovered in 1977. It was soon realised that Chiron is in fact part icy comet, part rocky asteriod that travels between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus.

Chiron's physical makeup is a big clue to his function in astrology. Many astrologers feel that Chiron partakes of the energies of both Uranus and Saturn; the icy part ~ and his erratic orbit! ~ represent his connection to the cosmic energies of Uranus, and the rocky, materialistic part to the energies of Saturn.

I believe Chiron has a major role to play in helping humankind to enter the Age of Aquarius. Many people in the "new age" community believe the Age of Aquarius heralds a new era of relations between humans, and with humans to the heavens. The trick is that Uranus and Aquarius represent having access to cosmic wisdom which could help facilitate this change; but Saturn represents the existing forms we all struggle with, the status quo that's been in place for so long, the things we see around us that depress us and make us pessimistic about the future.

The good news is that a change IS due, and we can all play our part in this. Chiron in the birth chart can help you see where you can channel the cosmic wisdom into an acceptable form in your life. Chiron, as the mediator between Mind and Matter, can help us to transform our ideas into reality.

For example, this blog is one attempt at activating my own Chiron. I have Chiron in the 5th house, which is creative expression, and in Aries, which is indepedence and assertion. By having this forum for my desire for creative expression, I am doing something to satisfy my need to transform my life.

Chiron is associated with healing, and by activating our Chiron we can begin the work of self healing.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Power of the Moon

I want to put on my astrologer's hat for a moment and talk about the Progressed Moon, and the effect it has as it moves through your birth chart.

In astrology, we each have a Sun sign, and also a Moon sign. The Progressed Moon is a measurement of the moon's movement after our date of birth - and of how often our Moon changes signs (and houses) in our chart (which is roughly every 2.5 years).

My Moon has just progressed into Virgo. Let me tell you I am feeling these effects already! I have totally revamped and reorganised this blog, and, after a long stint of doing temporary work assignments, it looks like I will once more have a full-time job (Virgo governs one's daily work and routine).

But more than that, it's the mannerisms and speech patterns that I have observed changing in myself lately. I notice I am more intolerant of other people's foibles, whereas previously I was more easy-going. I am cranky and irritable, where beforehand I was more light hearted. My partner has noticed these changes too, and it's a little unsettling for her ~ she feels almost like I am a different person!

All this goes to emphasise the power of the progressed Moon, and it makes me think of relationships that go through a rough patch after the first one to two years. We have all heard people say, "Oh, so-and-so has changed. I feel like I don't know him / her anymore. He's not the person I met / married"!

Maybe in some cases this is due to the effects Progressed Moon. Astrologically the Moon governs our emotions, our reaction to circumstance. When the Progressed Moon changes signs, it's possible that a whole new disposition comes into effect. Reactions change; emotional expression changes. Someone who was once a bit of a wall-flower may suddenly get an infusion of self-confidence. A person who was once finicky and overly-precious may chill out more, be more easy-going. A person who was quite social and outward-bound may suddenly become more inward, brooding, even obsessive.

All this can be the effect of the Progressed Moon, and it all depends on the sign the Moon is leaving and the one she is passing into.

Studying astrology can yield many such useful insights into the mysterious thing that is human nature. For the interested, I recommend checking out Astrodienst, where you can create a free, personal online profile and get a free birth chart interpretation. All you need to know is your date, exact time and place of birth. Happy star-trails!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lorna Byrne

Hi everyone! I hope all had a nice Easter weekend.

I've just been reading the webpage of Irish mystic and angelic communicator, Lorna Byrne. She is truly a messenger of hope from the angels, and the stories she relates on her site are uplifting and inspiring.

She is like the Irish equivalent of Doreen Virtue in the U.S.! I enjoy reading about Doreen, and now Lorna, because its so refreshing to get in contact with the Angels and feel their uplifting love-energies.

After all, that is the true meaning of "spirituality" ~ being in tune with a "spiritual reality"!

Lorna also has a book out called Angels in My Hair. She talks about how she has seen angels since she was little, and how in her early life she suffered because she was different from other children. Who can't relate to that!

Have a look at her site! I highly recommend the "What the Angels have taught me" section.

Peace to all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Power of Thought

I discovered today a website with very interesting articles on a variety of spiritual topics. It's called A Rosicrucian Speaks.

A man by the name Joseph Weed gave a series of lectures to students across North America. The one I've just read is entitled The Power of Thought and it's a wonderful and timely reminder about how we can all use our inborn and inbuilt ability of thought ~ for ill or for good.

I highly recommend everyone go check out this site. Recently I went through a period where I temporarily forgot the power of my own thought and the strong effects that can be generated when, due to unconsciousness, I forget to reign in my mind and my actions. Read it! I guarantee you'll be pleased you did.

Note: I just wanted to add that I am in no way affilliated with Rosicrucianism. As a student of matters spiritual I am however fascinated by what this group in it's many forms has to say.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Transformation with consciousness

I want to mention two more books I've read lately, which are Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now and A New Earth.

These books are so useful because they define the main dilemma we have today, namely, the mind-ego and its machinations. Tolle elegantly but insightfully points out that the main cause of our suffering is our mind, which, being largely cut off from the main source of life-energy, thinks itself weak and insecure. Thus is born the existential terror most of us face ~ the fear of death.

I had a mini-revelation yesterday when I realised some of the truth that I am not the mind-ego that fears its death. I am the "I" who is beyond the death of the ego. In that moment I saw clearly that the fear of death is really just from the ego, which is an insecure structure of mental energy, made of of thoughts and fears, that must one day dissolve. I suddenly felt liberated, in some way, from the fear of personal death.

I have always believed in a spiritual reality beyond this world that we perceive with our five senses. Yet this was a new thing for me, to have a moment where I could clearly see the illusory nature of ego. I guess my reading paid off. Thank you, Mr Tolle!

Now for anyone who is also on a spiritual-seeking path, do not be put off by all this high-falutin' jargon. Tolle is very much in tune with the teachings of Jesus, and much of what Tolle says is in perfect alignment with the Master. For me, Jesus has always been number 1 in wisdom and in spiritual truth ~ what Tolle does is give this wisdom a refresh for our times. It's the same wisdom, it's just being given a new and contemporary airing.

I highly recommend these two titles, The Power of Now and A New Earth, for anyone who wants to get to grips directly with the cause of their own suffering, and who wants to take practical steps towards gaining their own enlightenment-moment.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Site refresh ~ Journey through Spirit

From being a simple journal I have now devoted this blog to writing about my main passion in life - which is expanding our knowledge of that which is spiritual.

As you can see I have added a widget that links to, the online journal of Jonathan Black. Black is the author of my favourite book of the moment, The Secret History of the World.

For a relative novice seeker like me, Black's book was what I had yearned for; a straight-forward, yet complex look into the teachings of secret societies throughout history. What I love is that it's not a dry, dusty, and detached look at history; no, Black's history is alive with passion, intrigue, strange beings and stranger historical figures. Some obviously deride his approach but I for one celebrate it; today's attitudes of materialism can't hold a candle to this wonderful book.

This is a book for people who have passion; passion for history, for spirituality, and for seeking truth. Not that Black's book is the last word; in true opposite-thinking it is more like a primer for those seeking, as Black says, "the real thing". It's the most excellent starting point for those on the quest for knowledge.

And so I have finally nailed my colours to the mast and re-dedicated this blog to my own seeking; hopefully others can share the journey and enjoy what I have to offer, while contributing their own views as well. Can I be very clear though ~ I prefer to connect with genuine seekers, people who examine their own beliefs as well as everything they encounter. I don't appreciate people whom I term "nutjobs" ~ conspiracy theorists, people with some agenda or political axe to grind. In short, those with a doomsday or other negative attitude, keep away, please. Lively and positive contributors only!

Having said that, please enjoy this Journey through Spirit.