Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Go easy on yourself

Well, what a time! I have seen other spiritual bloggers post about struggling with their issues in recent weeks, and it seems the energies around this powerful Gemini New Moon that is currently active are really hitting home. I am definitely no exception!

The major theme coming out of this time seems to be the shadow - the part of ourselves that we really don't like to see, or even admit to. And yet in its hidden abode beneath the surface of our everyday persona, it wields a power unknown to us.

When this shadow erupts into our daily life, say in the form of anger, or over-indulgence, or in erratic or destructive behaviour, we might first wonder what the heck is going on. But if there is a part of us that we have forgotten was there, it has learned to make its own rules in its dark realm. Only by allowing it into the light of day can we acknowledge and recognise what we formerly denied.

In this way we can begin to achieve wholeness - we can learn to love the shadow. It is an aspect of ourselves, and all that forgotten energy, tied up in past hurts and regrets, can finally be released for our benefit in the here and now. We can at last give our shadow a positive purpose! We can use the energy unlocked to live our lives more fully, more joyfully, more intensely.

We can finally be more honest with ourselves, and feel the freedom that comes with that. I give thanks to the two (count 'em!) Gemini new moons we have experienced within the last 4 weeks, for they have given me such valuable - and hard-earned! - insight into what I needed to do to own my shadow.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A little zen moment...

Have you read those stories about Zen students who suddenly have insight into the true nature of things? Well, I can't say I've had one of those earthshaking moments just yet, but I do want to share a nice little moment I had last night after a spell of rain.

I was on the balcony, just looking out and not thinking much of anything, and I caught sight of the droplets of rain hanging from the railing. The sky was gray and featureless, but at that moment, the droplets seemed to reflect a luminosity of the sky around them! I suddenly realised that a single raindrop has the ability to reflect ALL the light from all the surroundings into itself.

In other words, a single raindrop can reflect the whole world.

the world in a single drop
I felt a voice say to me, in the same way, a single person can reflect the entire world within themselves - and every person deserves love and respect accordingly.

And when you think about it - each of us are 80% water...!

And there's that word again...love. As I mentioned in a previous post, it continues to be emphasised to me that this year, 2012, is a year to keep learning about love.

I don't often have these moments but this was really moving for me, very profound. I feel it was just the seed of deeper insights, which I hope to gain down the track.

Love and light