Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Can you believe it? We're here.

And although it may not seem on the surface much has changed, my intuition tells me that we have entered into a new time.

I feel that 2013 is the year of the feminine - of women, but also the Divine Feminine in us all, men included. For myself, this means not always just bludgeoning my problems over the head in the hopes they'll get solved. It means activating the more "passive" or receptive side of myself, allowing myself to feel and not getting swept up in those feelings.

It means cultivating more gratitude in the moment, instead of always feeling like I have to approach matters with aggression and antagonism.

It involves quite a shift for me, as I have the kind of astrology chart (read: natural disposition!) that is prone to over-self assertion. But I do feel the undercurrents of change within and I am trying to take steps in the right direction.

If I can make one of my glib generalisations, I really also believe that 2013 is the year of women. 13 is of course the number of the Moon Goddess, and thus women are especially favoured this year. I believe that women are gradually achieving a kind of equality sensibility within themselves on a wider scale then ever before in history - so despite the two steps forward, one step back of the feminist movement, I think the time is now upon us (in fact, some would say overdue) for women to finally take their place on equal footing with men.

But again, this has more to do with us valuing the divine feminine within us as something worthwhile - for it is a modality that offers nurturance to the soul, that in the spirit of the Tao and of wu-wei, offers empowerment through passive action. We don't have to keep clobbering things and dragging them back to our caves - we can operate in a smoother more harmonious manner.

As the divine feminine (and by extension, women) comes more into its rightful place, it is also my hope that more Earth-friendly technologies can come into play. Passive energy generation tech, such as sun, water and wind power, should be the way in which we create all the energy we need, harmonious with nature and harmful of none. Research and implementation of pollution-free fuels can continue to take place.

The only shadow side to this is the robotisation of humanity. It is with disgust and frankly horror that I read about the push to create robot prostitutes - a terrible parody of the rising feminine, a satirical and cynical attempt to continue to oppress and denigrate the beauty of women. I vehemently oppose this sort of absolute rubbish, this is the lowest use of technology that I can think of and it's a deadly insult to the dignity of men and women. I really offer a prayer that we can skate over such potential pitfalls that lie on the path to our greater enlightenment, and that we can step into the world we deserve, one of light and ever-increasing harmony.

OK well that's it from me for my first post for 2013. May everyone find joy, creativity and the further outfolding of your beautiful soul in this new year!

Love and light