Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy holidays

Hello dear readers

It has been quite a year, hasn't it. So many intense energies flying around, upheavals and changes in people's lives seem to have abounded this year, scandals being exposed in the wider world.

And mostly, human being questioning the status quo, and wondering exactly where our leaders are leading us, what with the Arab Spring, chem trails, and many more issues.

When I feel like things are just getting too much, I say a prayer to release the burden form myself. I am only one person, and constant worries are not good for one's health and the well being of your soul. So I say a little prayer to the heavenly being of my choice (in my case, this is Jesus, called Christ) and I find that it does help.

So hopefully you out there are not letting these bigger things - or even, the 'smaller' things - get too much on top of you at this time of year. After all, this sacred time has been set aside since ancient times for joy and celebration, for letting one's hair down and allowing the efforts of the past year to speak for themselves, and to bear fruit in their own time.

My intention for this time is to take it easy on myself; to relax my expectations of myself after a year of hard work (at my job, as a parent of a 2 year old, and as a tarot reader and blog writer). Let's all give ourselves the gift of valuing ourselves and our efforts these past twelve months, because let's face it - we all came to this earth to work hard, to share our gifts and ourselves to try to better the world and make it more like the divine template that exists for it in the spiritual world. It is a labour of love that each one of us is engaged in, whether we are fully conscious of it or not.

So well done, you. Thank you for all your efforts, your sweat, your tears, your love for each other and the planet. Rest assured - these efforts will bear fruit in good time.

Take it easy! And remember - spirit is always near, working right alongside.

Have a truly blessed holiday period (and hopefully you get to experience a holiday!)