Friday, September 7, 2012

Re-energising and refocusing

Ok, well as many of you may realise, there are a lot of cosmic energies flying around at the moment. It feels like the lessons of life are coming at us faster than ever before, and we are grasping those lessons quicker than ever before. Not only that, but we are (at least on some level) changing fast too.

The galactic energies that are focusing on our solar system truly are quickening our growth and evolution. Things that might simply have gone unnoticed or unchallenged in previous decades (such as advocates of post-natal child murder in the British Medical Journal, or US sabre-rattling towards Syria and Iran) are being strongly opposed and called out. I will be forever grateful to the US Congressional member from New Jersey, Chris Smith, for having the clarity of mind and a true human heart for speaking out against one particular instance of scientific insanity. You go, Chris.

And meanwhile, I really feel the tide is turning. Events have really brought home to me that there are only two forces in the manifested universe - the life-force and the death-force. Sometimes these are called Eros and Thanatos - two opposing forces that define the cosmos.

Let's face it - one cannot exist except in relation to the other. When Life was born, Death was also. Without Death, Life loses its meaning. However those of us who feel we are emissaries of Life need to realise that the Death forces are trying their hardest to assert themselves in our society at this time. Hence the two examples I cited above.

So let's keep our eyes open - while nonetheless keeping focused on what is good and worth living for. The death-forces only prevail if we give in to them, and if we forget what is wholesome and good. Keep focused on the Light in your life - we will succeed.