Thursday, May 2, 2013


The search for alien life has always struck me as a very odd pursuit. For some time now it's been quite obvious to me that if we are truly looking for other intelligent life, we should not be using telescopes to peer into this physical dimension. If there is more than ourselves in this vast universe, then that life might not be existing on the same level as ourselves.

Recently I have re-discovered the books of Dolores Cannon. This remarkable lady is a very humble, very human researcher who presently hails from the state of Arkansas. She lived a faily conventional life as a wife to a US naval officer up until her first experiences with hypnosis and past-life recall.

The wisdom that comes from the channelings in her books is striking. The beings that communicate through her never force their opinions, never judge or make cruel remarks. Rather, these non-terrestrial intelligences always offer profound insight into many aspects of the human condition - lost civilisations, why human kind became imbalanced, UFO encounters, journeys to other worlds in spirit. In very straight-forward terms, the beings in Dolores' books manage to convey a coherent and consistent account of a multi-dimensional cosmos where humans play a part in a vast scheme of evolution - side by side with all kinds of extra-terrestrial and angelic beings.

These books have reminded me to look within for intelligence - not without. I find that I can tune in to the area around my heart chakra and sense this universal realm described in the books, a realm of light and love, of universal consciousness in which we are all connected and in which we all have an important role to play. No-one is insignificant in this scheme, because everyone's actions affect the whole. As we are all one, each individual's actions are in fact paramount in determining the collective direction in which humanity is heading.

So we should all take comfort in the fact that aliens do exist - just not in the way the most scientists portray (let alone so-called popular media!) This is God's universe, and it operates according to a divine plan, the cornerstone of which is Love. It is critical at this time for us to grasp just how holistic and interconnected this scheme is - and to expose the lie of scientists that the earth is nothing significant, just one speck in the universe. This attitude does a gross injustice to the importance of this wondrous planet Earth in the grand scheme of things.

And what is that importance? Well, the beings say that the earth is the most densely physical - and also the most beautiful - of all the planets in the entire cosmos. Truly it was created to be a garden of Eden. But humans have gone astray, and not always entirely due to our own fault. But we are reaching a juncture at which we must choose - to ascend to light, and the ways of love and light and care for one another and ourselves, or to revert to a more animalistic mode of being in a vibratory state which would truly be hell on earth.

And so the old prophecies contain a grain of truth with which the alien beings largely seem to concur. It is our choice-time, so let us cease to look without for enlightenment and start to look within. The hard work is upon us, so let's look toward the new world we have been promised with fresh eyes and new hope.