Friday, January 20, 2012

Love and 2012

I was inspired to post after quite a while after reading Celtic Spirit's latest post; she hasn't posted for a while also.

This is 2012. My lady partner and I have been discussing how much we have been through since we first met in 1998. There have been a lot of tears, a lot of sorrow and suffering, but so many laughs, so many fun times, nice moods of different phases, difficulties, and trials.

Now finally - finally - we are feeling the slow, steady approach of hope. In this year of reaping of efforts, we finally feel that after much painful self-examination, we can start to truly hope again after so much struggle.

To me that's what sums up 2012 - it is the time of harvest. I hear of so many people  - and myself included - who have been living lifestyles that do not support health, growth and well-being. LIfe and our very bodies have been issuing us a final ultimatum: dispense with the habits of destruction, or be destroyed. What you sow, you reap. Alcohol, drugs, self-indulgence, bad foods, too much tech, electromagentic poisoning...all these things have had "time" called on them.

Time itself, as we have known it, is ending. The old time is ending. We sense that, my lady and I...we sense that the old "flavour" of the old world, the one that involved all that struggle, pain, feeling unworthy, unloved, that the world was not an understanding place...all of that is due to cease. We sense that we will finally find our place in the world.

Love....another blog I follow called The Cosmic Path stated earlier this year that the keynote of 2012 is nothing other than LOVE. And that's what I feel coming in to my consciousness - love, love, love, love...I am a new father and love certainly is making itself felt through my beautiful son. And, I might add, another little female soul that wants to come through who is also making her presence most definitively felt in our psychic lives!!

It's all about love, people. If I could have any wish granted right now, it's that all those who are reading this, those who are still burdened by a hardness in their hearts that is lingering due to past hurts, who still feel unworthy of love (such a lie!!!), can now release the tears, the angst, the sorrow, and allow the love to flow back into their innermost being. I pray this takes place for you, right now.

Let it all go! Let the grudges, the fears, the anxieties...let them go. Remember the truth, the one truth that pervades all the universe...that love is real, and it is all there is.

Why are you here on this earth? Love. Why do you keep going, long after it has ceased to make any rational sense? Love. Why does the sun shine? Love. Why am I writing this blog and why are you reading it?

Love! We are spirits that come here for love's sake, for God's sake, that we all might grow close to Him in wisdom and in love. Some esoteric traditions state the the nature of our Solar Deity is  Love-Wisdom, and that we as his children partake in this need for both Love and of Wisdom.

So let your Wisdom fuel your inner knowing, that Love is all you need! Let your Wisdom be informed by Love, and your Love informed by Wisdom. Let's walk into heaven this year, and find a new world where we are truly purged of the old, and where we all can bask in the new.