Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Etsy store!

Yet another post for the month of May!

I have a store on Etsy where I am offering readings. I do tune in to Spirit and obtain guidance for you, usually from a loved on who has passed over and is waiting to help you.

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Blessed be!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Galactic consciousness

There are a lot of people out there who claim to be channels of various types of galactic beings, such as Dolores Cannon and many others. Now I am not claiming that ability, at least not that this time! But a number of blog posts and websites lately have stimulated me into thinking about what it is that I feel to be true about galactic consciousness.

A common error that I notice people make when thinking about what life might be “out there” is they think that life will take a similar, material form to ours – that they will be creatures of flesh and blood like us. Thank you, Hollywood! Well, for me, nothing could be further from the truth.

This vibration that we currently reside in, what we call our ordinary earth-life existence, is the “lowest” realm of our entire galaxy! It is the densest form of incarnation you can find, anywhere in the multi-layered dimensions of the Milky Way. If the Earth (at least in the vibration that most of us are currently living within) was a piece of real estate in the Galactic Neighbourhood, it would be known as the crummiest and most dangerous part of the city! You wouldn’t want to go there at night, because it’s often a little scary and not terribly welcoming!! However I want to stress that this used to be more true at certain times of history than it is now – during the medieval times was probably when the Earth level was at its most brutal. I do feel things are improving considerably now as the hearts and minds of people improve, and as we get closer to the ecstatic galactic alignment of December 2012. But still, there’s no denying that Earth is something of a “backwater” – we sit right out on the far point of one of the spiral arms of the Galaxy, very far from the bright centre, the “hub” where all the brightest souls reside and where all the real “action” is!

And this gets to the point of my post: to me, “soul”, “spirit” and “consciousness” are much better terms for the life “out there” than “alien”. Sure, there may be some spirit entities who may take on an “alien” form, or resemble what we know as gray aliens. This may be because they are from a certain star system, where the inhabitants have assumed that form as part of their long process of development.

I think that it’s an attitude of fearfulness that leads people to believe in the possibility of aliens landing, or some such. To me, angels, aliens, gods and goddesses, are all part of the marvellous diversity of Life that exists on what we often refer to as the “other side”.

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting” – those are the words of my favourite idealist poet, William Wordsworth. This life, that is the process of getting incarnated into this realm, is a very difficult one indeed, and the birth process most often leaves a kind of trauma on the incoming soul that often leads to amnesia or forgetting of the previous, blissful realm of existence – what the Hindu tradition refers to as devachan. We forget that we have an infinite, blissful inheritance just waiting for us on our return to our true “home”, and that this stay on earth is but a temporary one where we practice at being loving, and at being creative. We also forget that we have a “support team” of beautiful souls right along side (sometimes more in the background) at all times, who look on us with eyes of love and who are supporting us at every turn. Then when we do make the return journey home, our support team are right there ready to welcome us and ease the transition back, which is also often confusing and scary. But we do have help!

So in summary I think we have nothing to fear from any consciousness “out there”. The dominant part of the universe is love – the love which brought the universe of manifestation into being in the first place. We are here to practice being love; not to be constantly looking for it outside ourselves, but to feel it within, to love ourselves and the divine spark that God has given us as an inheritance. It is only on earth where love gets (temporarily) forgotten as part of the earth-amnesia. But love IS the only reality!

Blessed be!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hidden Planet

Open up any book on the solar system written after 2006 and you will see that the list of planets now stops at Neptune. Since 2006, Pluto, a planet astrologers constantly work with still, has completely disappeared from the list of planets. Why? Because in 2006, the International Astronomical Union finally decided on the actual definition of the word "planet" - and since Pluto did not fit the criteria, it was decided that Pluto no longer ranked as a planet of our solar system. Pluto is now known as a "dwarf planet".

From my point of view as an astrology enthusiast, this is interesting. No longer are the transformative & empowering energies of Pluto exposed to the public eye. The veil of Neptune has been drawn like a curtain across the power of Pluto, effectively removing from the public consciousness the principles that Pluto represents - including the ability to delve beneath the surface of things to find the hidden truths.

I personally find this somewhat disturbing. Is this the work of individuals who wish to deprive humanity at this crucial time of our ability to empower ourselves? Or is it in fact a challenge for us to work more consciously with our inner Pluto-power? Are we being given a choice: to empower ourselves or not to empower ourselves?

Perhaps the demotion of Pluto throws into sharp relief for us what it means to be Pluto-powered, and throws down the gauntlet that we need to take up once and for all. Perhaps its saying that its now or never - this is the crucial time when we need to claim back our power. And that power is the ability to reshape our lives in ways that empower, that better reflect our inner authentic self.

Pluto represents our ability to tear down and dismantle old structures that are in decay and no longer serve our growth, so that we can rebuild from a more true foundation. Perhaps we all need to ask ourselves, is anything no longer working in my life that could do with a blast of Pluto power!

Friday, May 11, 2012

The ebb and flow of this year so far...

Here we are, almost half way through 2012. The year that's supposed to be "the big one", in terms of making that final decision that will take each of us into the New Age - the decision as to what road we want to take in life and in afterlife.

I must admit I had actually forgotten about this in the midst of the nitty-gritty of living daily life - some old unhealthy habits even rearing their ugly heads, but some progress being made still. It's as if I'm riding one wave that's pulling me one way...then there's this undertow that's gently but consistently pulling me another way.

The planet Neptune has finally entered into the tropical zodiac sign of Pisces, and water is the keyword. Ebb and flow, moving in rhythm, being led by impressions, filling one's spiritual and emotional needs...all these are important this year and for the next 13 years or so.

Reflecting on how things "feel" now, as opposed to  last year and before, things do feel a lot more upbeat and positive now. The new energies of 2012 have had time to kind of settle in to a more stable configuration, there's not as much of that feeling of jagged harshness of last year when the energies were working at cross-purposes. Replacing that is this feeling I was just describing, of ebb and flow, some confusion, some illusion, but overall there's a good feeling under the surface...

In fact I've been having what I call little ecstasy moments. In tune with Neptune in Pisces, the feeling will start in my feet, completely out of the blue and unexpected, and I suddenly feel amazing, right in the midst of my ordinary experience. Not perhaps in 100% of my being, but in a big enough proportion of myself to feel like whoa, what was that amazing feeling! It will usually be just a brief burst but it certainly leaves a strong impression on my afterwards.

A little moment of bliss, as a result of the new incoming energies of the 2012 galactic alignment, perhaps? (And which has the "powers that be" so worried!)

And so our journey through this important year continues. I wonder what December will have in store for us...