Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hidden Planet

Open up any book on the solar system written after 2006 and you will see that the list of planets now stops at Neptune. Since 2006, Pluto, a planet astrologers constantly work with still, has completely disappeared from the list of planets. Why? Because in 2006, the International Astronomical Union finally decided on the actual definition of the word "planet" - and since Pluto did not fit the criteria, it was decided that Pluto no longer ranked as a planet of our solar system. Pluto is now known as a "dwarf planet".

From my point of view as an astrology enthusiast, this is interesting. No longer are the transformative & empowering energies of Pluto exposed to the public eye. The veil of Neptune has been drawn like a curtain across the power of Pluto, effectively removing from the public consciousness the principles that Pluto represents - including the ability to delve beneath the surface of things to find the hidden truths.

I personally find this somewhat disturbing. Is this the work of individuals who wish to deprive humanity at this crucial time of our ability to empower ourselves? Or is it in fact a challenge for us to work more consciously with our inner Pluto-power? Are we being given a choice: to empower ourselves or not to empower ourselves?

Perhaps the demotion of Pluto throws into sharp relief for us what it means to be Pluto-powered, and throws down the gauntlet that we need to take up once and for all. Perhaps its saying that its now or never - this is the crucial time when we need to claim back our power. And that power is the ability to reshape our lives in ways that empower, that better reflect our inner authentic self.

Pluto represents our ability to tear down and dismantle old structures that are in decay and no longer serve our growth, so that we can rebuild from a more true foundation. Perhaps we all need to ask ourselves, is anything no longer working in my life that could do with a blast of Pluto power!

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