Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturn and the magic mirror

I want to give a big shout out to all my readers who are currently dealing with Saturn issues - especially all my homies with Saturn in the 7th house, like me!

Saturn of course represents THE BIG BOSS - the authority in the solar system, the one who sets all the rules and limits what we can do. Saturn sets the tests and determines our pass mark, or whether we need further revision to come up to scratch. Saturn makes us squirm as we try to wriggle out of our hardships but are not allowed to. Under Saturn's influence we are made to get real.

Currently Jupiter is applying to making a lovely trine aspect to Saturn, with both planets on early degrees of water signs (Cancer and Scorpio respectively). So for anyone struggling with these issues, the good news is that it's not all bad - help is at hand, although emotions may be running high. It's not a serious as it first appears - it's just that our emotions are being magnified by Jupiter and given extra depth by Scorpio.

So don't be tempted to take revenge on someone who is currently vexing you - they may simply be holding up a mirror to you that allows you to take ownership of some quality that normally you would prefer to skate over without seeing or acknowledging. The good news is that the stars are on your side - this is the time to accept the verdict from the external world and make good on what may be lacking.

There is a deep healing available on these issues at the moment with the New Moon (the conjunction of the Moon with the Sun) also taking place in Cancer. We are called to look again at our deeper emotions, our habitual systems of self-defense and how we may be inadvertently creating suffocating limits on ourselves in our lives. Saturn in Scorpio has no time for pretence or for hiding from the truth, so all is being brought out into the light at this time.

So let me wish you good luck as you deal with these confronting issues - it's painful but well worth the time spent in self-examination.

And a big thank you all for continuing to read my blog, lately my stats have really gone through the roof, zooming past 7,000 views and already up to 7,300. Not bad for a blog that has big gaps between posts, that I don't really promote and that doesn't get many referrals!! I seem to get views from all over, and not just the English speaking world - I have readers from France, Germany, India, the Philippines and Russia. Hello to you all and God bless! :-)

'Til next time

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Thursday, May 2, 2013


The search for alien life has always struck me as a very odd pursuit. For some time now it's been quite obvious to me that if we are truly looking for other intelligent life, we should not be using telescopes to peer into this physical dimension. If there is more than ourselves in this vast universe, then that life might not be existing on the same level as ourselves.

Recently I have re-discovered the books of Dolores Cannon. This remarkable lady is a very humble, very human researcher who presently hails from the state of Arkansas. She lived a faily conventional life as a wife to a US naval officer up until her first experiences with hypnosis and past-life recall.

The wisdom that comes from the channelings in her books is striking. The beings that communicate through her never force their opinions, never judge or make cruel remarks. Rather, these non-terrestrial intelligences always offer profound insight into many aspects of the human condition - lost civilisations, why human kind became imbalanced, UFO encounters, journeys to other worlds in spirit. In very straight-forward terms, the beings in Dolores' books manage to convey a coherent and consistent account of a multi-dimensional cosmos where humans play a part in a vast scheme of evolution - side by side with all kinds of extra-terrestrial and angelic beings.

These books have reminded me to look within for intelligence - not without. I find that I can tune in to the area around my heart chakra and sense this universal realm described in the books, a realm of light and love, of universal consciousness in which we are all connected and in which we all have an important role to play. No-one is insignificant in this scheme, because everyone's actions affect the whole. As we are all one, each individual's actions are in fact paramount in determining the collective direction in which humanity is heading.

So we should all take comfort in the fact that aliens do exist - just not in the way the most scientists portray (let alone so-called popular media!) This is God's universe, and it operates according to a divine plan, the cornerstone of which is Love. It is critical at this time for us to grasp just how holistic and interconnected this scheme is - and to expose the lie of scientists that the earth is nothing significant, just one speck in the universe. This attitude does a gross injustice to the importance of this wondrous planet Earth in the grand scheme of things.

And what is that importance? Well, the beings say that the earth is the most densely physical - and also the most beautiful - of all the planets in the entire cosmos. Truly it was created to be a garden of Eden. But humans have gone astray, and not always entirely due to our own fault. But we are reaching a juncture at which we must choose - to ascend to light, and the ways of love and light and care for one another and ourselves, or to revert to a more animalistic mode of being in a vibratory state which would truly be hell on earth.

And so the old prophecies contain a grain of truth with which the alien beings largely seem to concur. It is our choice-time, so let us cease to look without for enlightenment and start to look within. The hard work is upon us, so let's look toward the new world we have been promised with fresh eyes and new hope.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ninth and Tenth Insights

The Ninth Insight - The Emerging Culture

As more and more people engage the flow of meaningful coincidences, interacting in an uplifting manner with others and compensating others for their timely messages, human culture will begin an historic shift. We will be able to spend less hours in jobs that are less than satisfying, as our income is supplemented by our participation in synchronicity. Focusing on our spiritual evolution will become our main priority, and the way in which we interact with all groups in society - from children, to adults, to those in authority - will transform to one of positive expectation and mutual support and upliftment.

But before the general fear levels in society can truly ease, we have to integrate the remaining three Insights - beginning with the Tenth.

The Tenth Insight - The View from the Afterlife

Our endeavour to spiritualise our life on earth is given true perspective by the view from the Afterlife. There, we discover the true nature of the control dramas - in reality they are an inner hell, wherein we repeat the same fear-driven scenes over and over again. But we gain hope by realising that our loved ones in spirit are always there, projecting their love and energy to us hoping we will awaken and leave our self-constructed hell-worlds.

The true nature of the coincidences is also revealed - when a meaningful synchronicity occurs it is in fact an echo of our Birth Vision, a sign that we are on track with what we intended before coming into incarnation in the earth. We all come in with the very best of intentions; where our lives go wrong is where we make bad choices due to being caught in Fear. In most cases our lives can only ever represent an approximation of our original Vision; nonetheless, when a coincidence occurs we receive an influx of energy as we are reminded of our Birth Vision.

Our individual Birth Visions always originate from and blend seamlessly with the World Vision - a plan for the entire human race and for the Earth which in truth is nothing less than God's plan for us all. Heaven is guiding us and as more of us remember the World Vision we can ease the rising burdens of fear, remembering a hopeful outcome for the future. As we hold this positive vision, ever working toward it, we participate in the creation of a new Heaven and a New earth.

Next: the Eleventh and Twelfth Insights, and the Twelve Integrations.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Seventh and Eighth Insights

The Seventh Insight - Engaging the Flow

We can get quite precise and scientific with the way we tune in to the universal energy and get the flow of synchronicity going in our lives. First, we learn to take in energy by appreciating the beauty and breathing it in. We feel the measures of lightness, of the closeness of things and appreciation of them, and of a background feeling of love. Then, we expect inner guidance to arise and a meaningful coincidence to take place that launches us into a new life direction, one that pertains to our current life questions.

Part of the Seventh Insight is gaining ever greater clarity about our questions. Once we have performed the Sixth Insight clearing of the past and have found the silver lining of our relationship to our parents, we can keep in mind our broader life questions while narrowing in on the smaller, current questions of our life situation. Both the big and small questions will always relate to one another, and as we find answers to the smaller questions the big picture of our life will gradually fill in over time.

The Eighth Insight - The Interpersonal Ethic

As we accelerate our experience of the coincidences, we will totally change the way in which we relate to other people. We will realise that it is in fact other people who always bring us the information and timely messages we most need. Therefore we will always take care to stay connected with the energy within, and to send this energy on to others to uplift them into their higher self, enabling them to deliver the wisdom that will provide us with a synchronicity - moving ourselves in turn into a higher level of vibration.

We will realise the importance of neutralising control dramas at their source - in early childhood. Parents will learn always to send their children energy, reassuring them that they will always have the energy they need and that they will never have to fight or compete for attention. Meanwhile, adults will avoid getting too entangled in love relationships that have that addictive, obsessive quality that keeps us co-dependent. We will find our own inner balance of male and female by staying centered in the universal source that sustains all life.

As the Insights become known by greater and greater numbers of people, human culture will begin to shift - and the result of this shift is described by the Ninth and Tenth Insights.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fifth and Sixth Insights

The Fifth Insight - The Message of the Mystics

The way to resolve the competition for energy is to go within, to seek the divine connection within ourselves and end our reliance on external energy. Tuning in to high energy locations of natural beauty can help us in perceiving the energy and raising our vibration, as can meditation, prayer and other contemplative states.

The more we cultivate our inner connection to the divine, a condition to which the mystics of all traditions in all ages have pointed, the more we can rise above our competitive energy stealing and truly move forward with our destiny.

The Sixth Insight - Clearing the Past

The Jewish and Christian traditions emphasize that we should forgive our parents, as in the fifth commandment given to Moses. But how exactly do we do this, given that emotional wounds can run deep?

The first step is to honestly examine how our control dramas were formed in relation to our parents. These dramas are unconscious strategies we use to claim energy from others, whether through intimidation, being overly critical and superior, through being aloof and mysterious, or by playing the victim or "poor me" mode. We can easily identify how these dramas were formed by looking at the negative interactions of childhood, and by bringing this into consciousness we can now begin to transcend these learned patterns.

Full healing is facilitated by looking for the positive messages our parents modelled for us. Even in the worst of parents, we can usually find at least one positive quality that each stood for. We ask ourselves two critical questions:

1. What did my father / mother stand for? What was the main emphasis / pursuit in their lives? and
2. In what ways did they fail to achieve their vision, what were their shortcomings?

In this way, looking at the incomplete vision of each parent, we can gain clarity on the spiritual heritage they have left us - our own mission in life will usually correspond to a higher synthesis of each parent's incomplete vision for living life. In this way, each generation pushes forward the evolution of human consciousness by picking up where the previous generation left off. By looking at the positive contribution each parent made to our lives, we can feel energised and more clear about our own contribution to the evolution, and we can more easily move into a forgiveness state towards our parents.

We are now truly ready to engage the flow of synchronicity in our lives, as detailed in the Seventh and Eighth Insights.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Third and Fourth Insights

The Third Insight - A Matter of Energy

Modern science confirms what religious traditions and mystics have long known - that we live in a universe of energy, vibrating at different rates to create the different organisms and structures we see in the world. This energy responds to human intention, acting to influence energy systems with which we interact, whether physically or mentally.

This universal energy seems to be the stuff of creation itself - and it is as if we, as children of God, have a similar ability to Him, to direct and influence the underlying creation energy with our thoughts, feelings and expectations.

We can influence plants to grow more robustly and productively; we can enhance another person's energy field. Or, we can influence others for the worse and this is the subject of the Fourth Insight...

The Fourth Insight - The Struggle for Power

One consequence of our ability to influence the cosmic energy is that we can force it away from others. Too often, human beings feel weak, insecure, cut off from the divine, universal energy. As a result, we engage in energy theft, seeking to pull another's energy into ourselves to help ease our fear.

Competition for scarce, human energy as a result of existential fear is the source of all conflict in the world, from the level of individuals and groups, all the way to nations and cultures.

Fortunately there are ways we can address this problem as detailed in the Fifth and Sixth Insights.