Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ninth and Tenth Insights

The Ninth Insight - The Emerging Culture

As more and more people engage the flow of meaningful coincidences, interacting in an uplifting manner with others and compensating others for their timely messages, human culture will begin an historic shift. We will be able to spend less hours in jobs that are less than satisfying, as our income is supplemented by our participation in synchronicity. Focusing on our spiritual evolution will become our main priority, and the way in which we interact with all groups in society - from children, to adults, to those in authority - will transform to one of positive expectation and mutual support and upliftment.

But before the general fear levels in society can truly ease, we have to integrate the remaining three Insights - beginning with the Tenth.

The Tenth Insight - The View from the Afterlife

Our endeavour to spiritualise our life on earth is given true perspective by the view from the Afterlife. There, we discover the true nature of the control dramas - in reality they are an inner hell, wherein we repeat the same fear-driven scenes over and over again. But we gain hope by realising that our loved ones in spirit are always there, projecting their love and energy to us hoping we will awaken and leave our self-constructed hell-worlds.

The true nature of the coincidences is also revealed - when a meaningful synchronicity occurs it is in fact an echo of our Birth Vision, a sign that we are on track with what we intended before coming into incarnation in the earth. We all come in with the very best of intentions; where our lives go wrong is where we make bad choices due to being caught in Fear. In most cases our lives can only ever represent an approximation of our original Vision; nonetheless, when a coincidence occurs we receive an influx of energy as we are reminded of our Birth Vision.

Our individual Birth Visions always originate from and blend seamlessly with the World Vision - a plan for the entire human race and for the Earth which in truth is nothing less than God's plan for us all. Heaven is guiding us and as more of us remember the World Vision we can ease the rising burdens of fear, remembering a hopeful outcome for the future. As we hold this positive vision, ever working toward it, we participate in the creation of a new Heaven and a New earth.

Next: the Eleventh and Twelfth Insights, and the Twelve Integrations.

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