Monday, March 4, 2013

The Third and Fourth Insights

The Third Insight - A Matter of Energy

Modern science confirms what religious traditions and mystics have long known - that we live in a universe of energy, vibrating at different rates to create the different organisms and structures we see in the world. This energy responds to human intention, acting to influence energy systems with which we interact, whether physically or mentally.

This universal energy seems to be the stuff of creation itself - and it is as if we, as children of God, have a similar ability to Him, to direct and influence the underlying creation energy with our thoughts, feelings and expectations.

We can influence plants to grow more robustly and productively; we can enhance another person's energy field. Or, we can influence others for the worse and this is the subject of the Fourth Insight...

The Fourth Insight - The Struggle for Power

One consequence of our ability to influence the cosmic energy is that we can force it away from others. Too often, human beings feel weak, insecure, cut off from the divine, universal energy. As a result, we engage in energy theft, seeking to pull another's energy into ourselves to help ease our fear.

Competition for scarce, human energy as a result of existential fear is the source of all conflict in the world, from the level of individuals and groups, all the way to nations and cultures.

Fortunately there are ways we can address this problem as detailed in the Fifth and Sixth Insights.

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