Thursday, February 28, 2013

The First and Second Insights

I want to present a short summary of what the Twelve Insights mean as I see them (as discussed in the previous post on The Celestine Prophecy). So here, beginning with the first two Insights, is a series of posts that briefly capture the main points covering the meaning of the Twelve Insights.

The First Insight – A Critical Mass

The Twelve Insights as a whole describe the beginning of a mass movement towards a more spiritual culture on the earth, one where religions come together in common spiritual truth and the main purpose of humanity becomes to further pursue and actualise this truth. Polarities of opinion are gradually integrated and resolved, and fear is moved past as together we open up to the greater wonders of life on earth and the energies available to us from the heaven realm.

The first step in awakening to this spiritual awareness is to notice the coincidences. Many times in our lives we may have noticed that an old friend makes contact with us out of the blue right around the time we have been thinking of them. We may bump into someone we haven’t seen for a while, and then later that day or on the next day bump into them again and then perhaps a third time. We may need extra money to purchase some needed item, then either the money comes unexpectedly or we find some creative, economical way to obtain the item. Or more dramatically, we may need urgent help in some dangerous situation, and just the right assistance comes when we need it most.

These are all examples of synchronicity, meaningful coincidences that prod our consciousness into sensing another, more spiritual process operating under the surface of life. The Celestine Prophecy puts forward the notion that a critical mass of individuals who are at this time all wondering what these experiences mean will help push forward global human culture into a greater spiritual awareness.

The extended, historical context of this awakening is given in the Second Insight.

The Second Insight – The Longer Now

We have largely been brought up to believe that life is a mechanical process, that there are no miracles, that the universe does not interact with us to bring our dreams and wishes. Thanks to the decline of the old religious worldview and the rise of scientific materialism, we have for the longest time tended to reduce life to the very basics, instead of pursuing what Abraham Maslow called the “peak experiences” of life.

But the coincidences seem to happen at a rate that is beyond reasonable probability, and as we notice this fact we begin to awaken from the dream of materialism. The coincidences make us feel more alive, more excited and make us want to explore this dimension even more.

The universe we live in is much more mysterious than was previously supposed. During the materialistic era, we became convinced as a culture that life was purely about practical, day-to-day matters – mind your P’s and Q’s, look good in the eyes of society, go to church and pay your taxes, attend to the basics of survival and forget about the larger questions. But the findings of modern science, especially in quantum physics, remind us what the great spiritual traditions have always known – that we live in a responsive universe, and when we are pursuing our highest good and seeking ways to live our true destiny, then the universe tends to cooperate in leading us onward.

But how to maintain the flow of synchronicity? How do we maintain this heightened feelings of aliveness that comes with being in the flow? The answers are found in the remaining Insights, in further posts to come soon.

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