Thursday, February 14, 2013

Saturn in Scorpio...Pluto in Capricorn

These two planets, Saturn and Pluto, traditionally represent death. It's interesting, though, that in the mystery traditions of the West, Saturn's true role is to kill off that which no longer serves the higher self, so that the personality can enter into more harmonious relationship with its true source of authority - the Spirit.

Pluto, strangely enough, seems to do the same thing. Pluto, however, works through fire and water - the purging fire of destruction working deep in the layers of emotional blockage and stagnation. Saturn's elements are earth and air, with the old being crystallised and broken away as a dead form, so that the clear air of reason can be reached and a more perfect organisation of the persona can be created, based on the powers of a clear mind.

At the moment in real time, Saturn and Pluto are in "mutual reception" - meaning they are currently placed in the zodiac sign that the other planet traditionally "rules". Saturn is currently travelling through Pluto's home sign of Scorpio, and conversely Pluto is currently five years into a 14 year journey through Saturn's native sign of Capricorn.

So there is real emphasis here on the powers of death and destruction, but in order to generate a powerful renewal in human affairs - in society, in governments, and in individuals.

There was a grouping of planets in Pisces recently, we had Chiron the wounded healer, Mars, Mercury, and the Moon all in Pisces. For me personally, this had the effect of stirring all kinds of wounded emotions from deep within, and for about three days there I was feeling just raw and sensitive than I had for some time. I just didn't know how to achieve peace within, and my sleep has suffered lately as well.

Then today I had some personal realisations that I won't go into here - suffice to say that the matter-of-fact nature of Saturn confronted me with some stark home truths. But once I allowed the message I was being sent to get through, Saturn in fact helped me deal with those emotions. The wonderful Dana Gerhardt published an article on Astrodienst that helped immeasurably; in it she describes that part of the Saturn/Capricorn message is to "not waste your time" with phantoms - that is, to realise that expending emotional resources on that which has no substance and which is ultimately illusory is a waste of one's time and energy and should be avoided. This is not to ignore one's emotions, of course - this was simply a timely message for me which helped me cut the crap when dealing with my own Piscean phantoms that were plaguing me of late. I felt better as soon as I applied this wisdom.

And so Pluto together with Saturn is working hard to transform us deep within. These two planets are trying to ensure that we "get" the messages of the time - this crucial time when humanity stands in dire need of transformation and resurrection (another Capricorn theme - the Sun is "resurrected" in the sign of Capricorn each year as it begins its journey back to the Northern Hemisphere). For me certainly these effects are quite striking and are helping me to get rid of the dross of the old self.

Growth and change - more themes we can relate to this mutual reception! If only these energies can break through our old patters and lead us into new light!

May it be so for us all!


P.S.: Also, how interesting to note that during the Pisces planetary grouping, Pope Benedict announced he was stepping down due to his failing health. Christianity is of course closely related to the fish-symbolism of the sign of Pisces.

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  1. Also if you look at the Current planets widget on right of screen, you will see that Saturn and Pluto are currently in a long-term sextile relationship. So there is even more rapport between them at this time and they are both working to clear our blocks and remake us at a truly fundamental level. I sure know I'm feeling it! How about you?