Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fifth and Sixth Insights

The Fifth Insight - The Message of the Mystics

The way to resolve the competition for energy is to go within, to seek the divine connection within ourselves and end our reliance on external energy. Tuning in to high energy locations of natural beauty can help us in perceiving the energy and raising our vibration, as can meditation, prayer and other contemplative states.

The more we cultivate our inner connection to the divine, a condition to which the mystics of all traditions in all ages have pointed, the more we can rise above our competitive energy stealing and truly move forward with our destiny.

The Sixth Insight - Clearing the Past

The Jewish and Christian traditions emphasize that we should forgive our parents, as in the fifth commandment given to Moses. But how exactly do we do this, given that emotional wounds can run deep?

The first step is to honestly examine how our control dramas were formed in relation to our parents. These dramas are unconscious strategies we use to claim energy from others, whether through intimidation, being overly critical and superior, through being aloof and mysterious, or by playing the victim or "poor me" mode. We can easily identify how these dramas were formed by looking at the negative interactions of childhood, and by bringing this into consciousness we can now begin to transcend these learned patterns.

Full healing is facilitated by looking for the positive messages our parents modelled for us. Even in the worst of parents, we can usually find at least one positive quality that each stood for. We ask ourselves two critical questions:

1. What did my father / mother stand for? What was the main emphasis / pursuit in their lives? and
2. In what ways did they fail to achieve their vision, what were their shortcomings?

In this way, looking at the incomplete vision of each parent, we can gain clarity on the spiritual heritage they have left us - our own mission in life will usually correspond to a higher synthesis of each parent's incomplete vision for living life. In this way, each generation pushes forward the evolution of human consciousness by picking up where the previous generation left off. By looking at the positive contribution each parent made to our lives, we can feel energised and more clear about our own contribution to the evolution, and we can more easily move into a forgiveness state towards our parents.

We are now truly ready to engage the flow of synchronicity in our lives, as detailed in the Seventh and Eighth Insights.

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