Monday, July 8, 2013

Saturn and the magic mirror

I want to give a big shout out to all my readers who are currently dealing with Saturn issues - especially all my homies with Saturn in the 7th house, like me!

Saturn of course represents THE BIG BOSS - the authority in the solar system, the one who sets all the rules and limits what we can do. Saturn sets the tests and determines our pass mark, or whether we need further revision to come up to scratch. Saturn makes us squirm as we try to wriggle out of our hardships but are not allowed to. Under Saturn's influence we are made to get real.

Currently Jupiter is applying to making a lovely trine aspect to Saturn, with both planets on early degrees of water signs (Cancer and Scorpio respectively). So for anyone struggling with these issues, the good news is that it's not all bad - help is at hand, although emotions may be running high. It's not a serious as it first appears - it's just that our emotions are being magnified by Jupiter and given extra depth by Scorpio.

So don't be tempted to take revenge on someone who is currently vexing you - they may simply be holding up a mirror to you that allows you to take ownership of some quality that normally you would prefer to skate over without seeing or acknowledging. The good news is that the stars are on your side - this is the time to accept the verdict from the external world and make good on what may be lacking.

There is a deep healing available on these issues at the moment with the New Moon (the conjunction of the Moon with the Sun) also taking place in Cancer. We are called to look again at our deeper emotions, our habitual systems of self-defense and how we may be inadvertently creating suffocating limits on ourselves in our lives. Saturn in Scorpio has no time for pretence or for hiding from the truth, so all is being brought out into the light at this time.

So let me wish you good luck as you deal with these confronting issues - it's painful but well worth the time spent in self-examination.

And a big thank you all for continuing to read my blog, lately my stats have really gone through the roof, zooming past 7,000 views and already up to 7,300. Not bad for a blog that has big gaps between posts, that I don't really promote and that doesn't get many referrals!! I seem to get views from all over, and not just the English speaking world - I have readers from France, Germany, India, the Philippines and Russia. Hello to you all and God bless! :-)

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