Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lost ... and Found!

My partner and I are working in the same part of the city at the moment, and as it was raining I suggested we get a taxi to work. As we only live 10 minutes away this is not too expensive.

As we arrived I got my out wallet to pay with a card, but Susan managed to put together the exact fare in change, so we used that. I thanked the driver and we got out. I went to work thinking no more of it.

It wasn't until 11am that I realised there was nothing in my back pocket. My wallet was gone! I realised I must have dropped it in the cab and somehow just not realised. D'oh!

Naturally I called the cab company to report it, and also the banks where I have my cards and stopped them...usually I would be in more of a panic state, but with all my occult studies I knew to just chill and be cool. I knew there was no point getting in a big state, because after all the situation was what it was. The good thing was there was no cash in the wallet. The downside is the taxi company said it could be two or three days before I heard back from them.

As I was leaving work (I got to leave early today) I felt a prompting to say a prayer to the Goddess, whom I recognise as Isis. I've been studying the Egyptian myths lately, and as a former tarot reader I've long felt a connection with Isis. I offered the prayer, giving thanks to the Most High God (as I always am sure to do first up)  and then to Isis, as the patient & faithful protectress of us here on earth. I asked if what was lost could be returned to me, but of course to let God's will be done. (Little did I know that at the same time, my partner was saying a prayer to St Anthony, patron saint of returning lost items - and my namesake!).

Imagine my "shock and awe" when I got home, checked the mail and found - my wallet! Sitting comfortably right there in my letter box. Wow!! I could hardly believe it. I walked inside holding the recovered wallet in a semi-daze. It was going to be a pain in the behind to replace the cards, the ID, etc etc - but now here it was.

Obviously then taxi driver must have got my address from my ID. I presumed two earth-plane possibilities: that the kind cab driver waited till he got a fare back to my suburb and dropped it off on his way through; or that he very kindly drove all the way back here and dropped it off. Either way, my prayer was answered in pretty short order!

So folks - got any problems that need dealing with? Well send off those prayers to the divine beings you feel most comfortable with and get them into action  for you! That's all the heavenly ones are waiting for - for a human being to ask for their help. No questions asked!

With thanks to the nice cab driver - and the heavenly hierarchies.

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  1. It's stories like this that give me faith in humankind. It totally overshadows all that is wrong with the world because a small act of kindness is like a bright white light in the midst of the darkness. Thanks for writing about this.