Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lorna Byrne

Hi everyone! I hope all had a nice Easter weekend.

I've just been reading the webpage of Irish mystic and angelic communicator, Lorna Byrne. She is truly a messenger of hope from the angels, and the stories she relates on her site are uplifting and inspiring.

She is like the Irish equivalent of Doreen Virtue in the U.S.! I enjoy reading about Doreen, and now Lorna, because its so refreshing to get in contact with the Angels and feel their uplifting love-energies.

After all, that is the true meaning of "spirituality" ~ being in tune with a "spiritual reality"!

Lorna also has a book out called Angels in My Hair. She talks about how she has seen angels since she was little, and how in her early life she suffered because she was different from other children. Who can't relate to that!

Have a look at her site! I highly recommend the "What the Angels have taught me" section.

Peace to all!


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