Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A new blog, at last

Well at last I'm writing again. It feels like the last 6 months have been something of a roller coaster ride!

I found out I am expecting my first child just after I made my last post, and since then I've been doing a lot both externally and internally. I've shifted jobs a couple of times, and tried to shift houses as well. But if you've ever lived in Sydney, you'll know how difficult that can be sometimes!

For a while now I've wanted to speak about the idea of the after life. Something that has often given me hope is my "memories" of the life between lives - what many of us refer to as heaven. Now my life certainly hasn't always been heaven! As I mention above, life is often a big roller coaster ride, up one day, down the next. Sudden turns, loop-the-loops, and your head gets turned inside out.

For me, the big test at the moment is faith - faith that everything that is happening is trying to guide me, to teach me something. And the hope that that something is meaningful. That's where the memories of the afterlife come in. For there, on the "other side", we see with a clearer perspective exactly what is really important in this rough and tumble life we lead here on earth.

From that perspective, the only thing that matters is that we showed kindness, love and understanding to another human being. That's it. Not all this chasing after success; not always striving to be "better", or "more". When we stand before the council of Elders, and watch our life back, all we will care about is whether we were kind enough; wise in our choices; caring towards others; refraining from doing harm; and whether we showed just that little bit of understanding to someone who needed us in the moment.

That's all. I believe that what makes God happy is when his children - that's each of us - show a little love to another who is in pain. Just the smallest of actions can make the world of difference. Life can be hard - but we can ease the journey for ourselves and each other.

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