Friday, July 24, 2009

Well how is everybody feeling after Wednesday's eclipse?

For me certainly this was an intense week, with the focus on home & family issues. The solar eclipse fell on degree 29 of tropical sign Cancer, and the 29th degree of a sign is understood to be a "critical" degree. The 29th is the final degree of a sign, so its as if the energy of this eclipse was tying up the loose end of family affairs, trying to bring a resolution to some nagging or ongoing concern.

From my own perspective this involved various improvements and works being carried out in our apartment building, which threatened to be quite disruptive, but my partner and I managed to keep a positive perspective and refrained from reacting with any knee-jerk negativity. This happily made things smoother than they might have been, had I given in to my overly intense urge to act out!

Meanwhile my partner's family was the focus of some interesting issues. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother, and for a while there the sisters almost coerced my partner and her younger brother into buying a joint present for their father's 70th (he's a Leo). We instinctively knew this was a bad idea, and subsequent events proved us right. Things really came to a head on the very day of the eclipse, and our intuition was vindicated and the joint present is no longer going ahead.

This eclipse was a real education in the energies that can be at work. It was a solar eclipse, meaning the moon passed in front of the Sun from our perspective here on Earth. So the Sun and Moon were conjunct, as I mentioned in the sign Cancer. Cancer is said to govern many areas of life but perhaps most notably women, children, home, family, clannishness, and strong emotion. I feel grateful that my studies of astrology and other esoteric fields gave me a good dose of objectivity so I could navigate these rather tricky waters with a balanced attitude.

It's so handy to know when these big astrological events are coming up ~ it's like having a heads-up from the cosmos as to what to expect on a particular day. It's been a fairly full-on year for astrological events so I feel especially grateful to have the inside scoop so to speak!

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