Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on work

This post is a sequel to May Musings, and I'm glad to say is about a much more pleasant topic.

Almost 2 years ago now I was looking for an alternative to office work, and I decided to register as an extra. An extra is someone who might appear in the background of a TV or print ad, a movie, or a TV show. I called the agency a few times after that, but they had nothing at the time and I did not hear from them again ~ until a couple of weeks ago.

They were trying to track me down because my old mobile number is defunct and they had an assignment for me. I was so excited to hear I was required for a photo shoot for an ad campaign. I was to go to a local cinema and take part in a 3-hour photo shoot for a series of print ads for Cityrail.

This had been a dream of mine for ages. I'd worked in commercial radio, met musicians and spoken to TV personalities, and had been a musician back in my 20's. Now I was finally getting the chance to work in entertainment and be an extra.

It was the easiest three hours work I'd ever done. I sat in the back half of a cinema with 7 other extras / actors, with my arm around a strange woman pretending to comfort her while watching a scary movie. It was so much fun! There was a really good atmosphere on the "set", with lots of laughs as the photographer and director tried to get the right poses out of the talent.

It was an experience I would definitely like to repeat. I plan to register with a couple more agencies soon. This time I hope I don't have to wait another 18 months to get an assignment!


  1. Best of luck for it!

    Be sure to post the picture!


  2. Thanks, Nick! I'm not sure where the ad is going to be appearing but I'll keep my eye out.

  3. That sounds like fun! Who knows what it will lead to. Maybe it will lead to more work and then you could be discovered. Very cool. :)

  4. Show pics! That is awesome..good luck!